Family businesses comprise 80 to 90 percent of all business
enterprises in North America according to Family Business
Review. That's a HUGE number and it shows why this book
is so important. If you work in a family owned business like
many do (family owned businesses account for 60% of total
U.S. employment, 78% of all new jobs, & 65% of wages paid
according to Financial Planning.) this book will help you to understand the dynamics and may even help you steer clear of some of the problems that may arise at your job and in your family.

Most read this book (about 2 hours) and recognize the situations
as things they have been through and/or are going through. In a way,
this is the story of every American family. The good, the bad and the ugly.

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was written to help other people deal with some of the things that usually get in the
way of success. There were many times that Mark Nelsen could have made excuses
to fail, but instead he pushed forward towards success. This is more than just his life
story, it is virtually a guide to follow to avoid some of these problems for yourself.   

About the authors

PAUL HIGBEE writes for magazines nationally, from in-flight airline publications to the University of Notre Dame's continuing education magazine. He is a longtime South Dakotan, living in the Black Hills, and serving as South Dakota Magazine's Black Hills feature writer and columnist since 1991. Paul is especially interested in writing about business matters, including entrepreneurship and revival of impoverished communities. In 2004 he was selected as South Dakota's Business Journalist of the Year by the U.S Small Business Administration. Paul also writes for television and was co-writer of Dakota Pathways, a South Dakota Public TV series awarded an Emmy for outstanding achievement in programming for children. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.

KEN STEINKEN has led a double life for the last 20-plus years. By day he's a mild-mannered husband and father of three
now-adult children, and an enthusiastic high school teacher in Rapid City, SD. By night and other stolen moments, he's a determined writer of mostly nonfiction. His writing has been published in a diverse array of newspapers, magazines, books and websites including Columbia Journalism Review, Notre Dame Magazine, Indian Country Today, Toronto Globe & Mail, Reader's Digest, The Houston Post, and Christianity Today. He is currently working on Dark Territory: Caught in a Coal Train's Path. This book tracks the personal impacts of our nation's ravenous appetite for electricity from Wyoming coal fields, across rural landscapes, through Midwestern towns, to Chicago power plants.

About the book and about the authors!

Family Business is an engaging, wise book. It offers help and insight for those from difficult families and it
also offers much inspiration for those working to make their businesses or careers better. Mark’s story is an
American success story, a story of setbacks and satisfaction, trials and triumph. The book is full of life.

Dan Neuharth, PhD

Greenbrae, CA

Licensed family therapist and best-selling author of "If You Had Controlling Parents: How To Make
Peace With Your Past And Take Your Place In The World" from Harper Collins Publishers and
"Secrets You Keep From Yourself: How To Stop Sabotaging Your Happiness" from St. Martin's Press

“Mark Nelsen is the definition of an Entrepreneur! From selling t-shirts out of the back of his pick-up, to
Managing a multi-million dollar business, Mark has lived the life, and learned the lessons that every business
 person needs to know! The Principals and Practices he shares can help you become successful in whatever endeavors you pursue in life."

Dana Dykhouse - President & CEO

First Premier Bank

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“The complexities of family business and the lingering impacts of long-ago relationships come to life in Family Business. A story of challenge, faith, relationships, ambition and vulnerability that explores what makes some family businesses a success, while others fail. A must-read for those who strive to thrive in business and in life. “

T.D. Griffith

Author & Small Business Owner

TDG Communications

Deadwood, SD

Mark Nelsen is a man of integrity. More than anyone else I’ve known, he strives passionately to live with integrity in every aspect of his life. The result of his journey is a lifetime of accumulated wisdom distilled into relevant stories and instructive principles in this book for those engaged in the work of building businesses and families—which is just about everyone! And while he’s not perfect, by any means, all of us can identify with, and learn from, his journey toward wholeness through the struggles and joys of being involved in the “family business.”

Dr. David A. Jones - Campus Pastor

CrossRoads of ECM - Kansas State University

Manhatten Kansas

Mark’s experience as an entrepreneur can be a great learning tool for the new generation of entrepreneurs. Understanding yourself, how you relate to others, what kind of struggles to prepare for….Mark does a great job of explaining how these issues affected the growth and success of his business. Mark’s advice that “everyone will fail….the difference is what you do after you fail,” is central to understanding the spirit of entrepreneurs and what it take to succeed in running your own business.

Beth Adamson - Executive Director

Prairie Family Business Association

A program of The University of South Dakota - Beacom School of Business

“This book is a story of one man’s journey of family to business and back again. Mark does a great job of teaching the reality of how family business’s blend. Using reality from personal experience, humor, open honesty and true insightful business strategies, Mark teaches the delicate balance of how the business of the family overlaps into family owned businesses and how the business is hauntingly ever present within the family dynamic. This is a great book for those seeking to understand family business dynamics, the impacts of the family on the business and vice versa and the important principles needed not to reinvent the wheel in your own family business.”

Dr. David N. Bird - Marriage & Family Therapist

Corvalis, Oregon

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This is the dedication on last page of book, written by Mark Nelsen to his parents.

Dear Dad and Mom:

I love you! I am so thankful you both decided to embrace the process of healing our family, before you pass away. Family Business is my way of taking negative parts of our family history and making something positive for future generations. I know our story can help many families, and many businesses. Unfortunately, our story of family strife is not unique. Let this book, and your willingness to be involved, be part of your legacy.

I wish many things hadn’t happened, but they did….now let’s move forward with honesty, forgiveness, and grace and continue to work on the healing within our family.

Let our family stand as an example to other families, that with a willing spirit, a humble heart, and some difficult work…..reconciliation is possible….family and business affects everyone, everyday.

I love you both, and I know you love me…Your son……Mark Alan Nelsen

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